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Stylish, Easy To Install, Cost Effective, DIY Blackout Blinds

Baby can’t sleep, you can’t sleep, or you simply want to enhance the look of your room, then you need Midnight Anytime Blackout Blinds.

The first blackout frame system designed for both new blackout roller blinds and existing blockout roller blinds, that’s stylish and truly stops light leakage, turning day into Midnight Anytime. Watch the videos - no trick photography, just beautifully dark rooms.

Total DIY Blackout

Blinds Explained!

Complete Darkness: Midnight Anytime Blackout Blinds are designed to ensure no light leakage, unlike standard blockout blinds. They effectively block light from all sides, maintaining total darkness in your room.

Robust Track System: Our blinds feature a durable track system that withstands rough handling, whether it's from active children or tired shift workers, all while maintaining excellent light control.

Optimal Sleep Environment: These blinds provide exceptional protection against heat, cold, outdoor noise, and all light, creating the perfect environment for a restful night's sleep. Their superior light-blocking capabilities are unmatched.

Exceptional Light Control: The innovative track-guided system encapsulates the blind fabric within vertical tracks, ensuring no light seeps through any gaps.

Elegant Design: With a slim, unobtrusive profile and high-quality finishes, our blackout blinds enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room.

Motorised Rechargeable E-Smart

Discover the convenience of remote control with our E-Smart Blackout Blinds. Effortlessly open or close your blinds from your bed, bath, or lounge without the need for wiring or an electrician.

This fully rechargeable system allows you to adjust the blinds to any height with smooth, secure, and silent operation. The track-guided system keeps the blind fabric securely within vertical tracks, ensuring no light leakage. Paired with the right fabric, this system guarantees total darkness.

Featuring a slim and unobtrusive design with exceptional finishes, our blinds enhance your home's aesthetic appeal. Eliminate the hassle of chains or cords! This solution is ideal for large, hard-to-reach, or high-up windows.

Manual Blackout Roller Blind (with Transforma Frame)

Don't want the remote, and want to be able to pull down the blinds manually with our easy to use pull system (no ugly cords), these blinds provide a clean and sophisticated look for your home.

Our manual system allows you to effortlessly adjust the blinds to any height with smooth and seamless motion. The track-guided system ensures the fabric is securely held within vertical tracks, eliminating light leakage and ensuring complete darkness.

Crafted from high-quality materials with exceptional finishes, these blinds offer optimal light control while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space. Perfect for large, hard-to-reach, or high-up windows, this manual system provides a practical and stylish solution for any room.

Use the quick quote tool above to see the difference in pricing from a remote to the manual system to help you decide.

Transforma frames only (For Existing Blind)

You already have blockout blinds but want the benefits of the Midnight Anytime Blackout Blind System.

Transforma Blackout frame system is easily retrofitted to your existing blockout blinds. It’s a cost effective alternative that repurposes your existing roller blinds that is easy to operate, looks good and is Kid safe.

What makes them so safe? The chain runs inside a protective channel keeping it away from little fingers.
Easy installation
Heat & Noise insulation
Total block
Kid safe

Wide Range of Colours, Fabrics, and Frames Available

Over 39 different colours/fabrics to choose from (view all fabric options) and 4 different frame colours

Fabric/Colour Options

Frame Colour Options

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Darkness is Essential for a good Sleep
21 February 2023
Your body has its own internal clock that helps you go to sleep and be awake during daylight hours. This natural rhythm is the circadian rhythm, and it is an important enabler of regular sleep. A disruption to this rhythm can cause difficulties in getting sufficient sleep. The trouble is that modern life does not shut down when it gets dark. We no longer live a life strictly connected to the cycle of night and day. Many of us have lives that require us to go to bed well after the sun has go...

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